Tuesday, 24 March 2009

topshop vs yves saint laurent

I really feel my life would be that little bit fuller if only I owned these shoes (this kind of unhealthy thinking may be the reasoning behind most of my purchases). 

Although seeing as I am but wishing, I guess I might as well have these...


'n this...

The Topshop ones do have a platform though. And we all know there's nothing more practical in the world of shoes than a platform (yeah, that'd be attempt #2 at justifying potential purchases).

Monday, 23 February 2009

'do you like my tight sweater?'

When I grow up I want to be Róisín Murphy. A girl can dream eh?

I am shamelessly all about the celebs - as far as I'm concerned, looking at the front row is just about as exciting as what's on the catwalk. Róisín, however, is mos def who I particularly look forward to. She's quite clearly a cut above your Pixie Geldofs and your Daisy Lowes, i.e. the typical front row fixtures. Look at that hair! Look at that dress! She is constantly taking risks and daring to be different, while also looking IMPOSSIBLY immaculate. It makes me sick. I'm also thrilled and bemused that she appears to be BFFs with Kanye West. I ♥ bizarre celebrity friendships (Rupert Everett + Jordan 4eva).

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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

marc jacobs a/w 09


This autumn/winter I'll be mostly backcombing my hair and pretending I'm an 1980's NY socialite. Garish colours, exaggerated shoulders, big hair, outrageous make up... Marc Jacobs is definitely my highlight of New York Fashion Week so far. Let's face it, I am but a watcher-from-afar. My chances of ever affording MJ are minimal, so I'll take fierce, fun and fabulous over muted timeless classics, thanks; it's a hell of a lot more interesting to look at.  And if anyone dares to tell me it's tacky, ridiculous or ESPECIALLY ~inappropriate in the current financial climate~ (oh puhlease) I swear I will have to cut a bitch. K, glad we got that sorted out.


pictures from thefashionspot and style