Tuesday, 17 February 2009

marc jacobs a/w 09


This autumn/winter I'll be mostly backcombing my hair and pretending I'm an 1980's NY socialite. Garish colours, exaggerated shoulders, big hair, outrageous make up... Marc Jacobs is definitely my highlight of New York Fashion Week so far. Let's face it, I am but a watcher-from-afar. My chances of ever affording MJ are minimal, so I'll take fierce, fun and fabulous over muted timeless classics, thanks; it's a hell of a lot more interesting to look at.  And if anyone dares to tell me it's tacky, ridiculous or ESPECIALLY ~inappropriate in the current financial climate~ (oh puhlease) I swear I will have to cut a bitch. K, glad we got that sorted out.


pictures from thefashionspot and style

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