Monday, 25 January 2010

Reason #1 why I love living in France:


My local petrol station(!) stocks Jalouse, Numéro, Purple Fashion and WAD... This quarter's issue of WAD celebrates their 10th anniversary and the beginning of 2010 by paying homage to ten of their favourite magazines. They've carefully recreated the style and tone of each one for thirty or so pages, including a whole pull-out newsprint section for Libération (accurate newspaper-size, so er... excuse the extremely dodgy scan for this one). Their characteristic stimulating content and urban edge, however, are still very much evident so it's not all gimmick. (Who am I kidding? I love a gimmick...) Check out the covers below... pretty cool, no?

from top to bottom: French gossip rag Voici; photography magazine (duh) Photo; Vogue (naturally), design bible Wallpaper*; left-wing French newspaper Libération; i-D; WAD's German counterpart Lodown; Colors; France's leading gay magazine, Têtu; and Japanese fashion mag Popeye.

Incidentally, said local petrol station also stocks MilK, a "children's fashion and lifestyle magazine". A children's fashion and lifestyle magazine! I must admit I'm yet to leaf through it but surely you can all join me in collective WTF-ing. What "lifestyle"?! What can I say, I guess I'm contemptibly old-fashioned but this, along with 9-year-old fashion bloggers and the relatively recent kids' vintage boutique round the corner from my flat in Glasgow, is just plain freakin' me out... Being young might have always been in fashion but primary school kids? I had assumed having at least reached puberty was a requirement... How very naive of me! Seriously now, did I miss this memo, when did this happen...?!

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Sometimes I can't sleep at night for thinking about the fact that beautiful long hair will never be mine.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010


I have now lived in France for five months, which, you would think, should mean my French is pretty damn good. Realistically... not so much, I'm still all about the franglais. Which is probably why these t-shirts by Le Musique appeal to me so much. Each one has a slightly ridiculous word-for-word translation of an anglophone pop song, giving us... "Plus Dur, Mieux, Plus Vite, Plus Fort" ('Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger', them French sure are proud of Daft Punk after all), "Marche Comme un Egyptien" ('Walk Like an Egyptian', duh), "Pluie Pourpre" ('Purple Rain'), and "Réveille-moi Avant Que Tu Partes-Partes" ('Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go').

Personally, I'm lusting after the last one in particular, combining as it does my great love of franglais with my even greater love of Wham!. Unfortunately I'm still awaiting a reply to my mistake-riddled email about where I can actually buy one, but I'm hopeful...