Tuesday, 12 January 2010


I have now lived in France for five months, which, you would think, should mean my French is pretty damn good. Realistically... not so much, I'm still all about the franglais. Which is probably why these t-shirts by Le Musique appeal to me so much. Each one has a slightly ridiculous word-for-word translation of an anglophone pop song, giving us... "Plus Dur, Mieux, Plus Vite, Plus Fort" ('Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger', them French sure are proud of Daft Punk after all), "Marche Comme un Egyptien" ('Walk Like an Egyptian', duh), "Pluie Pourpre" ('Purple Rain'), and "Réveille-moi Avant Que Tu Partes-Partes" ('Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go').

Personally, I'm lusting after the last one in particular, combining as it does my great love of franglais with my even greater love of Wham!. Unfortunately I'm still awaiting a reply to my mistake-riddled email about where I can actually buy one, but I'm hopeful...

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