Tuesday, 2 March 2010

autumn/winter 2010 faves

l-r: louise gray, proenza schouler, peter jensen, rag & bone, versus, richard nicoll.
l-r: vena cava, preen, topshop unique, marni, charles anastase, louise goldin.
all photos from

Just a few of my favourite looks so far from A/W 2010... I've fallen head over heels for Versus, Peter Jensen and Louise Goldin in particular. Gonna leave it at that, seeing as I am horribly late on the New York/London/Milan bandwagon... Was too busy hangin' out in the desert, listening to world music and riding a camel.

And believe it or not, after expressing my withering contempt a couple of posts ago, I ended up doing it all in a pair of €7 harem pants from Pimkie. Who'd a thought it. My fashion tip for the day: harem pants are excellent camel-riding attire. You heard it hear first.


  1. I <3 PS
    and your blog title :)

    Just found your blog today.

    Cool photos!!



  2. Cool collages!! I love your header too! xoxoxoxo

  3. that is so cool, i wish i could be in the desert.
    and i love the collage :)

  4. Omg, you really went on a camel?!
    How did you make them collages?
    I love your header <3
    x x x x