Friday, 20 August 2010

wardrobe basics

For those of you who don't know, a couple of months ago I got back from spending a year living in the south of France. One of the things that I had to get pretty rapidly accustomed to (apart from the obvious like, y'know.. a different LANGUAGE) was living with a severely downsized wardrobe. Clearly there wasn't much point in taking all the assorted crap I have gathered over 22 years only to haul it all back again a year later. At first, I felt this was a horrible affliction - for one thing, my actual physical wardrobe was about a fifth of the size of my one at home. So, on getting home at the end of June, I figured that at least the emotional reunion with the rest of my clothes would be nice (shame about the lack of money/job, poor weather and general malaise).

Instead, I'm finding it about fifty times harder to get dressed in the morning. Extra choice is really not proving to be a good thing, and it's starting to make me yearn for a capsule wardrobe. Now generally I have about zero time for those boring clich├ęd lists of 'wardrobe essentials' (I am managing just fine without a well-cut fitted white shirt and black trousers, thanks very much) but at the moment... all I want to do is drastically cut back my clothes to my personal basics, and start all over again. Admittedly, this is a phase I go through somewhat regularly but in the past I've never been quite so committed, and have usually chickened out just a bit. This time, however...! Here are the beginnings of my epic clear out offered up to you: gratuitous Ebay link. And if I don't list more within the next few days, I give you all permission to maim me. I think there's about four or five times that amount sitting here cluttering up my bedroom.

This whole process means that I'm spending a lot of time thinking about which items I really couldn't live without, and it's difficult working out what I really feel is essentially 'me' while also trying not to let my style stagnate. In the spirit of the whole thing, I decided that today I would wear my most basic of basic outfits: short skirt, breton striped top, leather biker jacket, Pierre Hardy for Gap boots, tie dye circle scarf, vintage leather bag. Perhaps not the most inspiring, but these are definitely my 'go to' items, the ones I've been wearing for years and have never grown tired of.

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  1. i completely know what you mean in this post.
    i've got so many clothes that i'll just never wear again. think i might have to buy myself a capsule wardrobe and stick to it.

    love the post.