Tuesday, 20 December 2011

iris apfel for mac

Woah, now you guys, this blog pretty much couldn't be further from a beauty blog (although I did once get a PR email with the subject "Suggestion for your beauty blog". I suggest you actually read my blog). Don't get me wrong, I wear make up, I like make up. But it doesn't go much further than that; I don't claim to know much about it and I generally have the make up skills of a particularly clumsy four-year-old.

But Iris Apfel for MAC is definitely something I can get on board with! There aren't THAT many collaborations I get truly excited about (H&M x Marni is another one at the moment, and fingers crossed, a severely reduced APC for Anthropologie quilt should be winging its way to me at the moment) but this one is pretty darn cool. At 90 years old, Iris Apfel is as much of a style icon as ever and her rare bird-inspired collection (following in the footsteps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibition of her style entitled Rara Avis) is just as outlandish as you'd expect. And if there's one beauty product I love in life, it's a brightly coloured MAC lipstick.

My personal faves from the collection, which is released on 5th January 2012, are the Flamingo lipstick which looks like a perfect pale coral pink and the Sandpiper nail lacquer. Which seems a bit silly, as these are two of the more.. understated products, but I just can't pull off eccentricity like the lady herself. I did put a pair of round sunnies on my Christmas list though, so I'll be doing my best to ~channel her look~ come January!

Thursday, 15 December 2011

currently loving

1. Instagram, obviously! And my most recent work uniform purchases, the Hailey shirt dress and Weller skinny snaffle belt. I've been wearing black trousers and an increasingly scruffy-looking jumper to work until recently and I'm now very much enjoying looking slightly better groomed and less sloppy. I had thought about shamelessly ripping off Charlotte of I Ate Olivia Palermo by doing Instagram #todayimwearing photos (as my camera is currently out of action, hence no proper outfit posts for the next wee while). But then I realised that I work most days and alternate between my two work outfits, which wasn't going to make for particularly varied or interesting updates. So don't worry guys, I decided not to subject you to that.


2. Badlands by Dirty Beaches. Every review I read of this seems to love mentioning how it sounds like it could be a David Lynch movie soundtrack. It seems a pretty apt comparison, and it goes a long way to explaining how great (and dark) this album is. But I think my favourite parts might be the slowed-down shoegaze of True Blue, and Lord Knows Best with its hypnotic looping of Françoise Hardy's Voilà. If you like it, you can buy it here.




3. Jak & Jil. Amazing photo after amazing photo seems to have been popping up in my Google Reader lately, all courtesy of The kind of attention to detail in these outfits is mind-blowing to me, seeing as my shoes are always scuffed, my nails are always bitten and accessories are an afterthought. P.S. I checked, and my boyfriend says I'm definitely not allowed to wear three watches or he won't go out in public with me. ALWAYS SPOILING MY FUN.

4. Finally, I bought a domain name and I'm a little over-excited about it! So you can now find this blog at and I'd love it if any of you who link me could update your links. For the moment, everything's still hosted on Blogger but I'm really hoping to change that and give it a bit of a makeover over the next few months. So, y'know, if any of you happen to be reasonably priced web designers or anything...? This is all a little frivolous seeing as this blog is just a hobby, but oh well. I'm sure you've all already noticed that I love spending money on things I don't need!

Wednesday, 7 December 2011


Another day, another post on independent jewellery designers. I don't know what it is you guys, but I seem to be all over this stuff at the moment. Tri&Gull is an Etsy store based in London, selling super-cute jewellery designs in geometric shapes. As the name might suggest, trianges feature heavily... Always good news for me. My favourite thing, though, is their interesting mix of materials like perspex, reclaimed plywood, brass and quartz. My Christmas list is sadly pretty much closed for business already (I provided a plethora of options, I am an excellent receiver of gifts)... So no room for any of these in my stocking, but they're pretty affordable so I might even be able to treat myself.

triple triangle necklace

long triangle necklace

hexagon and triangle earrings

peach brass & wood triangle necklace

mirror chevron necklace

Also, in a possibly ill-advised move, I got myself a Formspring, so if there's anything you've been just dying to ask me... No..?

Final "also": an Internet pal of mine somehow talked me into being part of a Daily Record fashion feature which you can read here if you're interested! The premise was that I was someone with ~my own sense of style~ having outfits chosen by my boyfriend, best friend and a fashion adviser. Let's just say that my conclusion from the whole experience was an overwhelming feeling that I definitely do have my own sense of style and I feel infinitely uncomfortable in clothes chosen by other people. Somehow I doubt that was the outcome the journalist was after, but as you'll see my answers were a veritable exercise in diplomacy!

Monday, 5 December 2011

the graduate

Hey guys, so I finally got a degree the other day. It'd been a long time coming (my history as a university dropout, ill-advised impromptu 'gap year', summer in Africa, etc) but I got there in the end!

Oh and then I fell over. Some things never change!

Friday, 25 November 2011

the party season begins

blog 027

The other day I was willfully refusing to pick up all the amazing stuff Zara has on offer at the moment, with a steely money-saving determination, until I spotted this baby. At which point all of my resolve flew out the window and the next thing I knew I was putting my card back in my purse and thanking the cashier. Oops. In case it wasn't obvious, I am a total magpie. Ooooh, gold studs (+ mustard brown colour + 100% silk + oversized = my dream top, incidentally). Which means that ~the party season~ is nigh on perfect for me, sartorially speaking. Although I laughed and nodded in recognition at Tamsin's awesome blog post recently on the mythical nature of this supposed "party season" (so far I've been invited to... my work night out, exciting), I'll take any excuse to wear sequins really. Black, gold, leather, studs, sequins and velvet all abound at this time of year and I know everyone else probably can't wait for it all to go into the sale, but I'm a sucker for shiny things. It dates all the way back to a velvet button up dress worn to my school Christmas party circa 1997 (in the lunch hall, the glamour), I don't think I'll be growing out of it any time soon. This year I'm hoping to go for a bit of a modern update, with details in blue and orange. More on my current downright obsession with orange another day, perhaps.

Untitled #16

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

baby it's cold outside

And all of a sudden I'm dreaming of someone buying me this Antipodium coat to wrap up warm in... y'know, just because. Where's a fairy godmother when you need one?

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

the hidden side of blogging

My life is pretty much a never-ending cycle of initial writs, motions and client letters at the moment and it is interminably dull, let me tell you. Unfortunately it's also keeping me pretty busy. I've always been the bury-my-head-in-the-sand type, leaving everything until the last minute (don't knock it, it's served me well so far), so three or four university assignments due in every week doesn't exactly play to my strengths. Outfit posts haven't exactly been forthcoming recently, for the simple reason that when I have several 9am deadlines a week, I just end up throwing on the first thing that comes to hand. The same old jeans and Primark flannel shirt do not an interesting outfit post make. I know a lot of ~fashion types make a point of the fact that they never wear jeans and I'm like, really pleased for them and everything but honestly, sometimes I just can't be bothered. It's perhaps a bit of an ill-advised comment to make as a supposed 'fashion blogger' but I don't really consider myself a particularly naturally stylish person. I love fashion, but I certainly don't have some sort of innate sense of style that makes everything I throw on look effortlessly chic. I really think about what I wear, and when I don't have time to do that, well, yeah, sometimes I look pretty awful. At times, blogging can make me feel like a bit of a fraud because I certainly don't dress up for a day of 9am-7pm classes and I'd hate for people to be misled into thinking that I do. I'd probably be massively embarrassed if I bumped into anyone who read my blog around university, to be honest, lugging my laptop and two bags of books around with unwashed hair and sweating because I'm seriously late for a lecture. This is probably not the kind of thing that one is supposed to admit to.

Anyway, the point of that little extraneous rant was basically, yeah, I'm pretty busy at the moment. First world problems indeed. Today, however I am taking the afternoon off, gleefully ignoring the assessed plea in mitigation I'm supposed to be presenting tomorrow, and going to get my hair cut. I even have a full face of make up and a vaguely interesting outfit on. So, with any luck, at least now if anyone were to bump into me I'd be looking marginally less dishevelled...

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velvet top & boots, topshop; trousers, zara; necklace, apres ski; shirt, tba.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

spotlight on: paper & chain

So my Christmas list has already been growing fairly steadily (never mind the fact I've only just had a birthday...), with a helping hand from this week's opening of online jewellery store Paper & Chain. The creation of two best friends, one a Jewellery & Silversmithing graduate and the other Fine Art, Paper & Chain's Vega and Catena collections are everything I want to be wearing jewellery-wise right now. Their elegant geometric pieces in silver or brass are unique but affordable, and totally channelling all the sleek, classic-with-a-twist looks I have in mind for this winter. I'm sure I don't need to repeat my much chronicled love of the hipster triangle, but Paper & Chain's take on geometric shapes is refreshingly simple, delicate and unpretentious.

These are a few of my favourite picks from the store... Just consider this blog one big Christmas list, yeah? Hi, Mum. Hi, boyfriend.

hex trio necklace

catena leather bracelet

chevron necklace

arrow ring

vega ring

vega pendant
all pictures by paper & chain

Thursday, 3 November 2011

happy birthday to me

YOU GUYS, I'VE BEEN KEEPING A SECRET FROM YOU. I seriously don't know how I've held it in, I could barely contain myself... For the past few weeks, I've been anxiously awaiting the day when I could break this bad boy out and show him off. I present to you... the Acne Smith suede biker jacket.

blog 026

blog 029

blog 044

I'd been lusting after it for a long, long time and then I came across just one, seriously reduced, in my size. And Tuesday having been my birthday, I finally get to take him for a spin. (At this point I should probably add 'thank you, darling boyfriend'.) IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL. EEEEE. Phew, okay.

I know some of you might not be quite as excited about this as I am, but that's ok... Me and Smith, we're in love, and we don't need your approval.

P.S. I got some other pretty cool presents too!

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blog 012

blog 014

nothing like a set of novelty salt & pepper shakers, eh? all from urban outfitters.

Sunday, 30 October 2011



... says Topshop. How do they always KNOW?

1 2 3

Velvet. Jewel colours. Skater skirts. Mmm. Too right I need it. GIMME.

Monday, 24 October 2011

i like a girl in uniform

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blog 029
dress, £14.99, and cardigan, £19.99, both h&m. shoes, topshop; necklace, asos.

So Friday was that momentous day when I finally got my 75% uniform allowance at work, cha-ching. For the last month, in the absence of uniform, I've been having to wear all black which gives me a bit of an unfortunate moody teenage goth vibe, as well as screaming I'M NEW and making me feel like something of an outcast in comparison to my colleagues. The dress above has been featuring pretty heavily, and believe me, if I could have got away with the cardigan I'd have been bundled up in it constantly. Instead it's just been accompanying me to and from work every day (thanks cardi), it is f r e e z i n g. When did this happen?!

Anyway, I'd been eyeing up this blouse since it arrived last week and knew I had to have it as soon as I put it on. Not the most practical option maybe - "delicate dry clean only", apparently. I mean, as if specifying "dry clean only" didn't imply the delicate part enough... Doesn't exactly bode well for something I'll be wearing once or twice every week, but then I've always been more of a buy now, think later kind of gal. The trousers were far more of a sensible choice -- I'm amazed at how comfortable and flattering they are already though, I can seriously see myself living in these.

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coralie blouse, £120, and paris high-waisted cigarette pants, £89, both reiss. shoes, nine west.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

mcarthur glen spirit of fashion popup shop: rachael barrett

Oops, the blog's been looking a bit sparse lately, sorry 'bout that... Real life seems to have got in the way a bit, what with finally being in gainful employment for the first time in 8 months or so. I've been working in Glasgow's Princes Square, so for the last couple of days the McArthur Glen Spirit of Fashion popup shop has been catching my eye every time I wander past. I'll be honest, the massive McArthur Glen signage in the window made me slightly sceptical (yeah, 'tevs, I'm a snob I guess) but the rest of the display looked amazing so I took a look this evening. And came back out about 15 minutes and £96 later.

It turns out McArthur Glen is the sponsor of the Spirit of Fashion awards, in conjunction with the Royal College of Art and judged by esteemed fashion types like Betty Jackson and Wendy Dagworthy. The winners are three young designers -- Matthew Miller, Carolyn Massey and Rachael Barrett, chosen to create an exclusive Spirit of Fashion collection. It's already hit London and Manchester, and the Princes Square popup shop in Glasgow is the last leg of its tour, open until 20th October. It was the Rachael Barrett collection that caught my eye, with its gorgeous neutral colours and relaxed fit. I plumped for a couple of button-up-to-the-neck shirt styles, dress and top, in black and off-white silk, but to be honest I wanted pretty much every single piece. The black pleated skirt and classic silk t-shirt were two other favourites of mine. And, best of all, I was extremely pleasantly surprised by the prices -- £50 for the top and £70 for the dress, and there was a 20% discount for the weekend only! So I highly recommend getting yourself down there tomorrow. I am thoroughly ashamed of my horrendous iPhone photography, but hey, I'm gonna post it anyway because my google skills are failing to throw up any official photos of the Glasgow store.

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