Friday, 25 March 2011

spring forward

033 037

jacket, chinos and shoes: topshop; belt and blouse: h&m; hat: h&m men's; vest top: kangol for topshop; sunglasses: ray ban.

Oh hullo there, only neglected the blog for about six months this time... I've been busy writing a dissertation and trying to grow my hair out*, amongst other exciting things. Lately I've worn nothing but chinos (comfortable library-wear all the way), with today's new addition of SUNGLASSES! Wowee. Unfortunately still paired with a woolly hat but I'm now hopelessly optimistic about the arrival of spring. Possibly helped along by the prospect of going to Madrid on Thursday...

*If you tell me it looked better before I might have to kill you. Just sayin'.


  1. sexxxy sarah!HELLO finally on here haha, i tend to keep my wee blog a secret so i am so pleased to have a real life pal on here!and on twitter!toats know the fourth year feeling, dissertation is calling over my easter hols :( are you staying in g town for the diploma next year?

    also, j'adore this coat i so nearly bought it when it went in the sale but couldn't afford still :(!


  2. Great outfit I love the colour of your trousers :) also love the bunting aroung your fireplace haha! xx

  3. LOVE the chinos, such a nice colour! :) I agree with the comment above, the bunting is cute! xx

  4. love those chinos! what a lovely colour xx

  5. kirsty: mine isn't exactly a secret from real life pals but also hasn't really come up, ha. my boyfriend knows though... and thinks my narcissism is hilarious, probably! when's your dissertation due?! so glad mine's out of the way now. i need to apply for my diploma this month but yeah, all being well i'll be in glasgow next year. what's your post-uni plans, staying in aberdeen?

    and thanks everyone!