Thursday, 14 April 2011

set in stone

lace crop top & ring, h&m; belt, vintage; jersey midi skirt & boots, primark; sunglasses, ray ban.

My Wayfarers are out in full force at the moment, as are my LEGS, it seems, for the first time this year. Albeit still in a midi skirt, but I'm getting there. To be honest, midi skirts were one of those trends that I really never thought I'd get into (short legs and a big bum probably don't really lend themselves to it...) but I seem to be totally embracing them at the moment. Proving that I am a horrendous fashion victim, probably. Definite fave part of this outfit, however, is my new rough stone ring from H&M. In fact, despite the fact that I've done a seriously heinous amount of shopping lately, I think it takes the title of NEW FAVOURITE THING EVER. (Uh, not that this changes every few weeks or anything...) Anyway, in light of this, I felt it was deserving of some rubbish hipstamatic detail shots. In which I come out to the blogosphere as the owner of very unattractive hands. (Srsly, do not be expecting posts about nail varnish any time this side of EVER. Everyone seems to hate their feet, but no, for me, definitely hands. So much so that I wouldn't really like to admit how many shots I took to get these two photos which I deemed to be not entirely hideous...)



  1. You really do not have hideous hands?!
    The ring is amazing.
    Good luck on the dissertation, I am going through similar pain x

  2. oooh i bought the same ring!j'adore :) x

  3. Ahh love your outfit! The skirt and the lace top look great! x

  4. lovely outfit! and gorgeous ring :)

  5. um WOW that ring is stunning, I'm half tempted to go seek it out today...

    Also, loving the midi. It's weird, I love it on other people but hate it on me. Gutter!

    And yeah, if only we could just roll around in studded leather 24/7. Actual dream come true.


  6. Such a skirt would terrify me, but you're really rocking it!

  7. Thanks everyone! I advise everyone to try out the midi skirts - I, too, was a non-believer once upon a time!

  8. That is an awesome oufit, and the ring is FABULOUS! love love LOVE IT! x