Wednesday, 20 April 2011

things wot i bought in madrid


So, in case you haven't noticed, my budget (if not my taste) generally tends toward the high street, with occasional forays into vintage/designer/whatever. Gotta be honest, I have a bit of a problem with valuing quantity over quality when it comes to clothes - or, at least, valuing having something new to wear every week over saving up for ~classics~. Obvs I love looking at stuff I can't afford as much as the next person, but I enjoy the thrill of shopping and of putting on something new too much to really be any good at saving up for something timeless. To be honest, one of the things I love most about fashion is its fickle and changeable nature; I enjoy buying into trends, and I accept that in a couple of years' time I'll probably look back and think I looked ridiculous. That's half the fun as far as I'm concerned. ANYWAY, my boyfriend is resolutely of the other camp, and while he's interested in clothes (much more expensive ones than me usually!), his approach is pretty anti-fashion, concentrating on sturdy workwear brands such as Iron Heart and minimalism from the likes of APC.

So while we were in Madrid, we visited boutique Clean (Calle del Acuerdo 36, no website as far as I can tell), which (on the girls' side) stocks brands like APC, Filippa K, Peter Jensen, Acne and See by ChloĆ©. Yes, hipster heaven pretty much... 'tevs, I love it. So I more or less wept over this (FUCKING RIDICULOUSLY BEAUTIFUL, OH MY GOD) Acne suede biker jacket, and the fact that I don't have a spare £720 to spend. Until! I spotted the sign for their 'outlet store' in the basement, which was absolutely packed with old season bargains... I managed to narrow down my selection to an A/W 2010 Acne dress, reduced to from €300 to €120. Admittedly, I seriously umm-ed and ahh-ed over it even still, because that's a lot of money for me to drop on one item, but hey, I blame the boyfriend's influence. And rather charmingly he offered to buy me this APC Madras checked shirt too, reduced to €35. I think he's trying to bring me round to his way of thinking.

shirt, apc madras; skirt, h&m; shoes & necklace, primark.
dress, acne; shoes, primark.

Every picture I took yesterday seemed to turn out absolutely rubbish so apologies if these aren't up to my usual high standard (lolz). Apparently it's impossible for both my face and my outfit to look acceptable in the same photo. And yet when I took a webcam photo it turned out perfect first time. FRUSTRATING. Also, hi! Especially to any new followers out there, I seem to have gained a few recently! ...Posting pictures of my face is WEIRD.



  1. I love that dress, it looks amazing!
    I'm exactly the same as you, I buy lots of cheap things that I know are going to be 'out of fashion' pretty quickly but as long as they look nice at the time it keeps me happy. I feel pretty much obligated to buy things if they're under £10, haha!

  2. I love how you mixed the pattern in the first outfit... and the second outfit is just wow... What can I say its Acne... I love it =)

  3. I think I agree with your boyfriend! I am really trying to curb my tendancy to run into Topshop and buy loads of things that end up thrown around on my floor within a few weeks... for example I bought an APC skirt last summer and it's still a firm favourite and I wear it constantly. It makes me feel like I am getting old though only buying things very rarely and them being more expensive! Still if I let myself buy APC I don't really care :)

  4. gorgeous purchases, in love with that checked shirt! x

  5. @Zoe - I totally agree with him in principle, I just find it so hard to do! I really like feeling ~up to date~ and my problem is that I'm fickle, and even if I buy something expensive, I still often go off it after a few wears! Which is obviously much more frustrating than deciding I don't like an £8 Primark skirt or whatever. It's bizarre how some of the items which have come to be my most worn, and still are even three or four years after I've bought them, are things that cost me under a tenner!

  6. Um WOW @ the ACNE dress! Actually adore everything about it - pockets, scoop neck, black, drapey... SWOON!!! Seriously.


  7. AHHH!! You lucky so and so. I am totally swooning over this post. Going to Madrid myself in July but doubt I'll do aswell as you have. Nice to see a fellow blogging Scot.

  8. you have gorgeous style. that acne dres looks amazing on you.

    Helen, X