Tuesday, 31 May 2011

1. Just a very quick checking in post today, since it won't be long before any semblance whatsoever of regular posting will disappear around here! I will be in Senegal in T-10 days, you guys. I'd love to say I'm excited but right now it's a little more like blind panic. For now though, I'm just back from a few days in sunny Barcelona... Unfortunately for the first time in years I didn't take my camera on holiday with me, which left me feeling a little bit like I'd lost a limb, but my Ryanair hand luggage literally would not fit another item. So today I bring you a collection of crappy iPhone photos, if only to prove to you that I have been doing something other than sitting around playing LA Noire in my pants with my unemployment. Sometimes.




(Swear I'm not pregnant, I blame the jumper!)





2. In slightly more blog-relevant news (slightly), my grad ball is a week tomorrow and I am having something of an occasion wear nightmare. Where do you get non-hideous formalwear?! I had been planning on a Whistles number from this post, but then one of my best friends bought a super dramatic 70s vintage floor length dress complete with CAPE and I'm thinking it might be a bit... understated. No consideration for other people, eh? Please note that if you mention Coast, I will feel free to disregard the rest of your comment, THNX.

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  1. Senegal will be fun! I like all the stripes in this post. Have you checked ASOS for formal wear?