Tuesday, 17 May 2011

summer wardrobe: fantasy vs reality

Long time, no post guys, and I can't even claim to have been busy seeing as at the moment I pretty much plan my entire week around doing my laundry or hoovering my bedroom. My ability to stretch out menial tasks to fill the available time (even if that's ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD) is seriously without parallel, it's a talent. Anyway, I have pretty much unlimited time on my hands these days since I've now finished exams and there isn't much point in jobhunting as I won't be around for long... As one or two of you will know, I'm going to Senegal on 10th June to volunteer for two months with street children. I'm very much aware that this is more or less a lifetime in the world of blogging, so I'm going to try to post occasionally! Because obvz I'd be inconsolable if you were all to forget me, sob. But clearly it won't be regular and it definitely won't be the kind of post you're used to around here. Just warning you!

Anything I've bought over the past few weeks has been specifically for this trip, so summer shopping has been a bit of a letdown really. Every time I see something in the shops that I like I quickly realise that it's nooot exactly appropriate, and have to steer myself over to the floaty-maxi-dress-that-doesn't-display-cleavage section. Which is often smaller and/or more non-existent than I might have hoped. I am going on a (slightly) more traditional summer holiday next week, however! As I'm jetting off (errr, or as close as one can when flying hand luggage only on Ryanair and staying in a hostel...) to Barcelona for Primavera Sound festival. If only I had any money left post-Senegal purchases, this is what I would be wearing...


silk/lace top, shorts & bikini, topshop; sunglasses, cacharel; jumper, shirt & dress, monki; bag, h&m; shoes, swedish hasbeens.


  1. Amazing wishlist, I want everything! Have an amazing time in Barca and Senegal! x

  2. I need something scallop edged in my wardrobe asap!
    I'm a new follower, really enjoying what i've read so far :) x

  3. Thanks! Seo!ana, hi! Always nice to see new followers :)

  4. I love the scallop shorts!

  5. I love ur wishlist!!!!!!so beautiful!!!