Thursday, 9 June 2011

grad ball dress fail


Worst buzz... someone else in the same dress at your ball. Or, maybe even... someone else in the same dress, AND another girl in the blue version and ANOTHER girl in the short version. Oh, my life. At least I wasn't the girl in the short version though, I mean really... I think the word is 'upstaged', my friend. JOKES. The moral of the story is not to wear a sold out dress to a ball, I think. My blog: constantly imparting fashion knowledge that's surely totally obvious to everyone in the world but me. I'm so proud. I should put a disclaimer here that I actually had a great time, and we all ~styled~ them differently and I honestly couldn't really have cared less about this supposed sartorial disaster scenario.

Partly because I have bigger things to worry about - I'M FLYING TO DAKAR, SENEGAL TOMORROW. So I'm really posting to say... See you on the other side, guys!

Friday, 3 June 2011

grad ball dress success


I bought a grad ball dress! Or should I say, my boyfriend bought me a grad ball dress, because I am currently living off imaginary money more or less. Now, of course, I am panicking that I'm going to look like some kind of crazed wannabe bride. A girl turned up to my 5th Year prom in a wedding dress... I will admit that I judged her, hard. But fuck it maaaan, I don't get many chances to dress ridiculously. It's from French Connection but rapidly selling out in this colour (swansdown, apparently? C'mon now, French Connection) it seems!

71XB5_3 71XB5_4

P.S. I can only apologise for the unfortunate inclusion of my messy room in the mirror. Packing for two months in a developing country is HARD, OK?! At least that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.