Wednesday, 17 August 2011

sénégal nexna: part one

senegal 010

senegal 012

senegal 020

senegal 021

senegal 036

senegal 098

senegal 103

senegal 105

senegal 083

senegal 092

senegal 112

senegal 118

senegal 124

senegal 134

senegal 140

senegal 151

senegal 156

senegal 161

senegal 171

senegal 174

senegal 205

senegal 209

senegal 231

So after two months of shitting in holes, foregoing personal hygiene and eating seriously questionable meat (rounded off with an overnight flight then an unexpected 8 hour wait in Charles de Gaulle Airport)... I'm home from Senegal!

It's been a fairly surreal and overwhelming two months to be honest, with the more or less terrifying day where I got my degree results and moved in with a Senegalese family standing out as a particular favourite. On the other hand... I am now officially the proud owner of a first class honours degree, shameless braggart here, yep. Except to be honest I scraped it by the skin of my teeth, but my mother says I should stop telling people that.

Anyway, it's been a pretty interesting summer all in all so although they don't exactly 'fit' around here, I thought I'd share some photos, including surely the only picture of me sans make up that will EVER make it on to the Internet... Don't worry, two months in Africa has certainly not convinced me to shed any of my ~Western trappings~, I'm vain and I always will be. I have, however, acquired a tan, a love of thiéboudienne and a pretty all-consuming addiction to African wax print fabrics. On which, more another day!


  1. Wow - were you volunteering in Senegal? Beautiful, colourful photos. The chance to absorb yourself in another culture must have been exciting and terrifying. But you seem to have embraced it wholeheartedly! Congratulations on your results!

  2. such beautiful photos, the light is amazing! the one of the grain sacks in the market is perfect. plus obv so into the pastely combo of sand and sky. you got invited to the queen's birthday party?! looking good on no makeup bb

  3. Zoe, yeah I don't know if you've heard of Student Volunteers Abroad at Glasgow Uni but I went out with them... Basically, seven of us fundraised for about six months prior and then went out for two months to use the money to help eradicate child begging in Quranic schools. I had mixed feelings about the project, especially at the beginning, but it was a really fantastic experience! And thank you so much!

  4. Colin, YES! We turned up to declare our arrival at the British Embassy and they invited us to a Queen's Birthday reception at the ambassador's house! We felt INCREDIBLY out of place seeing as we'd all brought nothing but flip flops and backpacks but it was too exciting an invitation to say no to...

  5. These are great photos, Sarah! It looks like you had a great time, and you look so beautiful in that vest/powder-pink skirt combo. Glad to see you'll be more internet-present from now on, though!

  6. Fabulous photos, you must have had an amazing time. Love the blog...will be following x

  7. wow what an experience ....

  8. I love the photo of the goats on a car.

    GOATS. ON. A. CAR.

    Im easily pleased it seems!

    x x x

  9. Rani, don't forget the goat on a roof! Those goats get everywhere!