Sunday, 11 September 2011

nyfw round up so far.

Okay, controversial comment in the world of fashion blogs: I really like spring/summer fashion. I mean, I think I might even prefer it to autumn/winter. Mostly this applies to my own wardrobe because quite honestly, I just don't enjoy dressing for Glaswegian autumn/winter weather in any way. In theory, all those layers and chunky knits are great but in reality, I'm pretty much just wet and bedraggled-looking as soon as I step out of the house. Summer, with its possibilities (and they really are possibilities only) of not having to carefully choose footwear to avoid trench-foot is a much more pleasant prospect. And bare legs! Don't even get me started, or I'll start rocking back and forth, crazily pining for the life of year-round bare legs that will never be mine. Honestly though, I also REALLY LIKE spring/summer collections. I like stripes. I like pastels and florals. I like denim and I LOVE hot pants.* It might not be ground-breaking but it looks good. Why all the hate, oh fashion bloggers? Anyway, with that short disclaimer here are a few of my faves from Spring/Summer 2012 thus far...

*All of which will quickly become evident...

Charlotte Ronson


Ditsy florals and crochet abounded, plus plenty of sheer fabrics. Never mind the denim, the mustard velvet, the stripes and the many, many patterns. A mish-mash basically, but for me it worked.



In my neverending quest to look like an effortless Scandinavian goddess, draping features heavily. So do neutrals, and the odd flash of muted neon (oxymoron?) complements them perfectly here. Also: FRINGING. A+.

United Bamboo


Neutrals again, this time with relaxed tailoring and dresses, graphic prints and my personal favourite, contrast collars.

Jill Stuart


I love it I love it I love it. Okay, it's relentlessly sugary and twee, but so am I at heart. The candy colours and cutesy suiting are reminiscent of the best of Luella and I will always love a flapper-style drop waist.

Jason Wu


Yeah, yeah, I've never seen a pastel I didn't like... You get the picture. Plus, more shorts, more interesting collars, this time in the form of heavy embellishment (I LOVE THEM). The make up is also right up my street, red-orange lips and nails all the way.

And on that gloriously predictable note, I shall leave you and promise to update next time with something altogether different. BYE!

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  1. sarah i absolutely adore the term muted neon and i really think it's a fashion term that could go far! in fact i wish i'd used it re the flowers i ~tweeted earlier, it's perfect. love all these colour pallets, obv. a flash of lemony (soz MUTED NEON) yellow always goes a long way

  2. These are loads of my faves too! I always love Charlotte Ronson, sigh. My only issue with s/s is that as a fatty I look daft in floaty pretty things!