Thursday, 8 September 2011

outfit post, bumper edition.

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jacket, top & skirt, h&m; boots, primark; necklace, this charming girl.
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dress, h&m; shoes, primark.
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dress, cos; shoes, primark; necklace, this charming girl.

Insert outfit photo/bus analogy here or something, although admittedly three maybe isn't quite enough to constitute a "bumper edition". In case you haven't guessed yet from their very regular appearances on here, I pretty much have no desire to wear shoes that aren't one of these two Primark pairs ever again. Funny how that happens with 'throwaway' items that are more or less the cheapest ones in my wardrobe, isn't it? (See also: the £1.99 H&M cardigan I found lurking in the stock room from about five seasons previous, which is still going strong now three years later. My mum is practically trying to claw it off me these days so she can bin it.) BUT! Today my local Topshop had a pair of size 4 Ambush boots and I SWOOPED, so I'm pretty sure that's all set to change. Coming soon to a blogpost near you. I had considered holding out for the Acne Pistol "inspiration", but goddammit I'm just not that patient. In other fave new accessories news, I took advantage of This Charming Girl's free delivery at the weekend to pick up this Hercules necklace, and I am head over heels, hopelessly devoted in love with him.


  1. Absolutely love the second dress. In fact, i love all 3 outfits. You look PRETTY! x

  2. Nice outfits, I especially like the second one :) xx

  3. I love the pleats!xx

  4. I LOVE the first outfit - the colour of that skirt is just gorgeous. Big fan of your hair too.

  5. I absolutely love this post. Your skirt is gorgeous.. as is the dress!
    Definitely a new follower now!

  6. glorious h&m dress.
    oh, primark. how i do miss it.