Wednesday, 16 November 2011

the hidden side of blogging

My life is pretty much a never-ending cycle of initial writs, motions and client letters at the moment and it is interminably dull, let me tell you. Unfortunately it's also keeping me pretty busy. I've always been the bury-my-head-in-the-sand type, leaving everything until the last minute (don't knock it, it's served me well so far), so three or four university assignments due in every week doesn't exactly play to my strengths. Outfit posts haven't exactly been forthcoming recently, for the simple reason that when I have several 9am deadlines a week, I just end up throwing on the first thing that comes to hand. The same old jeans and Primark flannel shirt do not an interesting outfit post make. I know a lot of ~fashion types make a point of the fact that they never wear jeans and I'm like, really pleased for them and everything but honestly, sometimes I just can't be bothered. It's perhaps a bit of an ill-advised comment to make as a supposed 'fashion blogger' but I don't really consider myself a particularly naturally stylish person. I love fashion, but I certainly don't have some sort of innate sense of style that makes everything I throw on look effortlessly chic. I really think about what I wear, and when I don't have time to do that, well, yeah, sometimes I look pretty awful. At times, blogging can make me feel like a bit of a fraud because I certainly don't dress up for a day of 9am-7pm classes and I'd hate for people to be misled into thinking that I do. I'd probably be massively embarrassed if I bumped into anyone who read my blog around university, to be honest, lugging my laptop and two bags of books around with unwashed hair and sweating because I'm seriously late for a lecture. This is probably not the kind of thing that one is supposed to admit to.

Anyway, the point of that little extraneous rant was basically, yeah, I'm pretty busy at the moment. First world problems indeed. Today, however I am taking the afternoon off, gleefully ignoring the assessed plea in mitigation I'm supposed to be presenting tomorrow, and going to get my hair cut. I even have a full face of make up and a vaguely interesting outfit on. So, with any luck, at least now if anyone were to bump into me I'd be looking marginally less dishevelled...

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velvet top & boots, topshop; trousers, zara; necklace, apres ski; shirt, tba.


  1. I think you look super great in those pictures! (super great? you can tell I've just been in a meeting with loads of Americans)
    I know exactly what you mean though. For a supposed fashion obsessive I almost always look like I just fell out of a skip...

  2. My pet peeve about fashion bloggers is when you can tell that isn't what they wore that day. They'll be standing in tiny shorts and a tank top with goosebumps and yes, it looks amazing, but the rest of us are wrapping up warm! realism in blogging is definitely a plus for me - if i wanted to see unrealistic outfits i would turn to vogue & their £100 t-shirts haha xo louise from the book.

  3. I love the blouse you're wearing!

  4. Such a great outfit, love the booties and the way you wear that shirt open!

    xo Jony

  5. I hate it when I'm too busy to blog. At the moment, it looks like that's going to happen quite a bit, so I completely understand where you're coming from!

    You look amazing, though - wish I had time to look this put together...

    P.S. Following your wonderful blog, do you mind if I add it to my blogroll?

    Dina from

  6. Thanks everyone!

    @Dina, thank you and go ahead, of course! Going to check out your blog now!

  7. I REALLY relate to this post... I like to think I make an effort 90% of the time, but some days I just stick my jeans and a check shirt on too!

    You know what, jeans can look so stylish though. It's how you style them!

    Glad to have found your blog :-)

    Dayner x my blog -

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