Thursday, 15 December 2011

currently loving

1. Instagram, obviously! And my most recent work uniform purchases, the Hailey shirt dress and Weller skinny snaffle belt. I've been wearing black trousers and an increasingly scruffy-looking jumper to work until recently and I'm now very much enjoying looking slightly better groomed and less sloppy. I had thought about shamelessly ripping off Charlotte of I Ate Olivia Palermo by doing Instagram #todayimwearing photos (as my camera is currently out of action, hence no proper outfit posts for the next wee while). But then I realised that I work most days and alternate between my two work outfits, which wasn't going to make for particularly varied or interesting updates. So don't worry guys, I decided not to subject you to that.


2. Badlands by Dirty Beaches. Every review I read of this seems to love mentioning how it sounds like it could be a David Lynch movie soundtrack. It seems a pretty apt comparison, and it goes a long way to explaining how great (and dark) this album is. But I think my favourite parts might be the slowed-down shoegaze of True Blue, and Lord Knows Best with its hypnotic looping of Françoise Hardy's Voilà. If you like it, you can buy it here.




3. Jak & Jil. Amazing photo after amazing photo seems to have been popping up in my Google Reader lately, all courtesy of The kind of attention to detail in these outfits is mind-blowing to me, seeing as my shoes are always scuffed, my nails are always bitten and accessories are an afterthought. P.S. I checked, and my boyfriend says I'm definitely not allowed to wear three watches or he won't go out in public with me. ALWAYS SPOILING MY FUN.

4. Finally, I bought a domain name and I'm a little over-excited about it! So you can now find this blog at and I'd love it if any of you who link me could update your links. For the moment, everything's still hosted on Blogger but I'm really hoping to change that and give it a bit of a makeover over the next few months. So, y'know, if any of you happen to be reasonably priced web designers or anything...? This is all a little frivolous seeing as this blog is just a hobby, but oh well. I'm sure you've all already noticed that I love spending money on things I don't need!


  1. That shirt dress is so, so gorgeous! I don't quite suit white, I always look frumpy but you look gorgeous!

  2. you wear Reiss well!

  3. i like the white dress, lovely!