Tuesday, 20 December 2011

iris apfel for mac

Woah, now you guys, this blog pretty much couldn't be further from a beauty blog (although I did once get a PR email with the subject "Suggestion for your beauty blog". I suggest you actually read my blog). Don't get me wrong, I wear make up, I like make up. But it doesn't go much further than that; I don't claim to know much about it and I generally have the make up skills of a particularly clumsy four-year-old.

But Iris Apfel for MAC is definitely something I can get on board with! There aren't THAT many collaborations I get truly excited about (H&M x Marni is another one at the moment, and fingers crossed, a severely reduced APC for Anthropologie quilt should be winging its way to me at the moment) but this one is pretty darn cool. At 90 years old, Iris Apfel is as much of a style icon as ever and her rare bird-inspired collection (following in the footsteps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibition of her style entitled Rara Avis) is just as outlandish as you'd expect. And if there's one beauty product I love in life, it's a brightly coloured MAC lipstick.

My personal faves from the collection, which is released on 5th January 2012, are the Flamingo lipstick which looks like a perfect pale coral pink and the Sandpiper nail lacquer. Which seems a bit silly, as these are two of the more.. understated products, but I just can't pull off eccentricity like the lady herself. I did put a pair of round sunnies on my Christmas list though, so I'll be doing my best to ~channel her look~ come January!


  1. That shade of lipstick looks lovely! I will check it out next time, i think i want it!!!!! x

  2. LOLZ, just noticed this post - I blogged about this just this morning as well! JINX! Anyhoo, aye, this looks amazing, right? Yes to the corally pink but I also love that totally mad bright orange colour too. Amazing. xx

  3. Ohh, it is truly an amazing looking collection! <3 I love love love the bold lipstick shades!

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  4. My bank account is shaking in its hole-ridden shoes.

  5. ohhhhh love mac make - up its stocked in harvey nicks in leeds ... wish i could get away with wearing all the gorgeous colours they have !