Wednesday, 7 December 2011


Another day, another post on independent jewellery designers. I don't know what it is you guys, but I seem to be all over this stuff at the moment. Tri&Gull is an Etsy store based in London, selling super-cute jewellery designs in geometric shapes. As the name might suggest, trianges feature heavily... Always good news for me. My favourite thing, though, is their interesting mix of materials like perspex, reclaimed plywood, brass and quartz. My Christmas list is sadly pretty much closed for business already (I provided a plethora of options, I am an excellent receiver of gifts)... So no room for any of these in my stocking, but they're pretty affordable so I might even be able to treat myself.

triple triangle necklace

long triangle necklace

hexagon and triangle earrings

peach brass & wood triangle necklace

mirror chevron necklace

Also, in a possibly ill-advised move, I got myself a Formspring, so if there's anything you've been just dying to ask me... No..?

Final "also": an Internet pal of mine somehow talked me into being part of a Daily Record fashion feature which you can read here if you're interested! The premise was that I was someone with ~my own sense of style~ having outfits chosen by my boyfriend, best friend and a fashion adviser. Let's just say that my conclusion from the whole experience was an overwhelming feeling that I definitely do have my own sense of style and I feel infinitely uncomfortable in clothes chosen by other people. Somehow I doubt that was the outcome the journalist was after, but as you'll see my answers were a veritable exercise in diplomacy!

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  1. These are really lovely pieces, I really like the earrings!