Saturday, 28 January 2012

apc spring/summer 2012


OMG, how friggin' cute is APC's Spring/Summer 2012 animated lookbook? I spent quite a long time considering ways to post the moving version on here, involving multiple print-screens and .gifs, and then decided I'm definitely not tech savvy enough for that shit. So just click on the link to see the model coyly twirling and posing for you - very Harry Potter. Oh yeah, clothes are pretty nice too. My APC love has swelled recently because I've booked a trip to Paris for April and I'm envisaging loads of old season 50% off bargains at the 'Surplus' store. The problem with new season lookbooks is that in my head it's DEFINITELY spring/summer already, but BBC Weather appears to disagree with me.


Unfortunately, my spring/summer delusions, combined with the fact I'm still totally h8in' on everything in my wardrobe, mean I'm really struggling at the moment not to buy ALL THE THINGS. Thankfully I'm infinitely more mature than I used to be though, and I'm resisting. That kind of tendency is the very reason I end up with so much unwanted crap in my wardrobe, so until I've worked out a more cohesive and measured approach to this coming season I'm going to try and hold back. Wish me luck?*

*Can't wait for next week's 'omgzzz look what I bought in Primark!!' post.


  1. I'm trying to go a year without buying any clothes, despite from using a 40euro worth H&M voucher. WHEN AND WHAT TO BUY??? is driving me crazy already! But yes, I have far too many clothes back at home.