Tuesday, 28 February 2012

whistles lust list

So I just ambled on over to the Whistles website, because 25% off with Grazia is far too tempting, basically. I was thinking I might consider treating myself to a blouse or something, seeing as y'know, it's payday and all. But then as usual I spotted something ridiculous and now I've descended into hopeless 'omggg'-ing with WANT. I definitely need floral-printed silk pyjama pants with matching blazer and shell top, right?!


Honestly, I blame the fact that I'm starting to branch into looking at (shudder) workwear - suddenly the idea of a printed suit is super exciting to me. I mean, even though the reality of my future workplace is obviously much more "grey pinstripe from Next". A full on, matching trousers 'n top combo is something I've been lusting after for a while, ever since I spotted this ASOS White look...


I'm currently wrestling with an internal debate over which one of these looks is actually more OTT... I mean one's FLORAL PRINT. But then the other's ORANGE, c'mon now. I'm thinking floral just about wins in terms of wearability, but I've got to be honest and say I'm not sure I'd ever work up the courage to wear the top-to-toe look out of the house. I could have sworn I used to be a lot more adventurous. Does this mean I'm getting old?

P.S. Here's the sensible option that I had been considering before getting sucked into this dilemma. Sigh, looks so boring in comparison now...


Friday, 10 February 2012

more tales of wanton consumerism


hat, h&m men's; coat, boots & 7/8ths jeans, topshop; sweater, zara; snood, yokoo; leather mittens, h&m.

So after feeling really uninspired for a while, I feel like I'm tentatively starting to get my fashion groove back. Or something along those lines but less cringey. The coat and jeans are recent additions to my wardrobe courtesy of the Topshop sale, so that's probably helping. As is the fact I splashed out a wee bit on ASOS the other day. Buying shit, the answer to all my problems.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

michelle williams for boy by band of outsiders

So Boy by Band of Outsiders really know how to appeal to girls from the internet, eh? First Kirsten Dunst, and now Michelle Williams looking adorable in Polaroid format. I, like the big internet cliché that I am, approve. I'd been intending for a while to make a post about some rather attractive short-haired ladies and my massive hair-jealousy but this makes the point equally well, I feel. Look at that pixie cut! For me, this is the epitome of #icanteven. You can see loads more at, I know you're dying to.